Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Gift Ideas

I realize it's been forever since I've posted anything, and since I've been feeling under the weather and to make up for lost time, I wanted to share with you some DIY tutorials I've come across. These are just a few of my personal favorites. All these tutorials would make great holiday gift ideas.

Now for those of you that like chocolate or know someone that likes chocolate, wait there isn't anyone that doesn't like chocolate, so this tutorial is for EVERYBODY!  Plus it's great for those of us that can't manage to get a full cake out of the pan with out breaking it and then having to patch it with icing. :)

Don't these look amazing? I know I would be tickled pink to get a present like this.

Veronica's Cornucopia Cake Pops

Veronica's Cornucopia Blog has amazing posts with lots of recipes and step by step instructions. Here's her link for chocolate cake pops. She even shows you how to wrap them for gifting.

Chocolate Cake Pop Tutorial


The first are simple hairbows that only require a few materials and are perfect for holiday gifts especially for those with little girls in the family. Sorry for the lack of pictures... I made some bumble bees (which turned out adorable) but can't seem to find the picture now. But follow the links for instructions and photos.

Ribbon Retreat Bug Bow Tutorial

This website has butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs, and bumble bees. Just adorable!

They also have a few other hair bow tutorials, and all of them are very thorough with pictures.


I also came across an amazing blog called Tip Junkie which is an entire website of homemade gift ideas! Since I'm a bit of a jewelry freak, this one popped out at me, but it's quite adorable and would make a great gift for a friend or even for yourself. I may even try my hand at one of these for my shop. Super cute!

No-Sew Fabric Pom Pom Necklace

This last tutorial is perfect for those of you with kids. The kids can help make these (and even decorate them to make them more personal) and send them out to family for gifts. Found this off a blog called Meet the Dubiens

Homemade Snowflake Ornaments
Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

The blog is especially great for anyone with kids, there are so many creative project ideas that are super fun for kids. I really love all her Halloween bento box ideas.

Well that concludes my DIY gift idea post. Hope you have enjoyed these project ideas, and will be able to use them for your holidays. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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